What is the project about?

“When I was little, I realized that I was not the only person who carried this label: being type 1 diabetic. Along with other children my age and the help of experts, I was able to learn to assess my illness and normalize it. That is why I cannot put aside my beginnings and humbly help children who, like me, are learning day by day to be diabetics.”

Daniel Albero


After reaching the finish line both on a motorcycle and in a car, our goal is to continue giving maximum diffusion to both type 1 diabetes and inclusive and adapted sports, our competitive sports project remains in the background, since the ultimate goal of this project is:

  • Break down the barriers that prevent millions of diabetics around the world from leading a normal life and motivate them to carry out sports activities.
  • Promote and encourage interest in Diabetes research.

That is why A Diabetic on the Dakar is much more than a sports project; is a project of social entrepreneurship through sport. Together in the Dakar, we can demonstrate that a chronic disease such as Diabetes is no longer going to be an impediment to carrying out any type of activity, even the most extraordinary.


Once the necessary expenses to participate in the Dakar 2021 have been covered, all the profits collected will be used for all possible social responsibility projections agreed upon with your help.

We are a supportive team, since the funds raised in this project will be allocated to activities related to diabetes with the aim of facilitating the integration of children with Diabetes, as well as the development of their autonomy outside the family environment.