Get to meet the people who makes this project possible .

If something is a priority in the Dakar Rally, is the spirit of companionship, solidarity and effort. In our team it could not be any other way, that is why all the members of the project think about a common goal: to get to run the Dakar Rally being the first diabetic ever to run it, and work together to get it.

Daniel Albero


First Type 1 diabetic in the Dakar Rally

Jordi Company

Press and Communication

Audiovisual Communication and a Rally lover. He is the responsible to manage communication with the media, sponsors and the team itself.

Alberto Garsan


Audiovisual Communication. Characterised for his style, professionalism and fast effectiveness. Responsible for Social Media, graphic design, web and media content.

Jairo González


Sound and image technician and audiovisual communicaction. Responsible of audiovisual production. Hardworking, tireless and perfectionist.

Selene Gómez

Managment & Marketing

Indispensable feminine part in the squad. Lover of the sport and of the communication. For the first time in the world of the engine with the courage that characterises him.

Fran Vega

Mechanic, and Pilot

From the starts of the project, Fran Vega has been mate of adventures of the pilot Daniel Albero. It is fellow, mechanic, backpacker and pilot of the squad # 1DTDakar.

Cristian García

Audiovisual Team

Founder of Enlaira’t Productions. Cristian always has an eye in the sky and gives the most impressive aerial images.

Kike Belenguer


Kike has been with the team since the beginning. His pictures make us live the reality of the project in a unique way. Anywhere he puts the eye, he puts the lens!

Octavio Bertolin

Asistente en carrera

Octavio es el asistente en carrera de Daniel Albero. Siempre apuntando tiempo en su libreta y ayudando al piloto en todo lo que necesita. Además, también es mecánico del equipo.

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